2016 DEMO

by Kelda

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released May 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Kelda New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Traversing the Fog
A pale light begins to shine
Obscured by fog
A light only for you

Dead forests
Decrepit structures
Voices of the dead guide me (to the light)

Passing through grotesque corridors
We finally meet
(My) insignificance wanes

Take my hand
Forever we wander through this forgotten world
Track Name: Cryptic Winds
Death-obsessed -- dreams of finding this place of eternal rest

I wander the woods of the north
I follow these cryptic winds

This forgotten pathway through the over-nourished oak leads me to a monolith

Spectral visions.

A place that once thrived -
Ancient and beautiful as it was

The throng danced under the moon
Ceremonial drum and the sounds of the forest filled the night sky


Weeping women and children through times of war.
A civilization reduced to ash

Deeply distraught and dazed, I walked towards the stone where I find my initials engraved.

This forest is now my tomb.
Track Name: Sea of Trees
A vessel irradiated.
My crippled fingers guide me through the dense vastness.
Alluring light through the sea of trees

A sweeping jade
A place of beauty and decay

Contemplating a release from life as I walk past the scattered bones
of a hundred meaningless existences

The sounds of the forest begin to entrance me.
Through the cypress and the ice caverns surrounding.
Fixated on what nature's church brings me.

What have I done to deserve certain death?

Unable to find my way back, I lay down upon the earth.
The cold air pierces my lungs as I stare into the sky.